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It's Your Time To Shine Workshop JAN 10th 7:30pm

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This New Year doesn't have to be the same - isn't it finally time to shine?

Tune in. Tune up. Connect. Feel the Love. Release Obstacles.

Join Certified Inner Work Out Coach Fiona Bennett for an evening of energy and visualization meditations, interactive exercises, and tools of the inner work essential for self-love, forgiveness and happiness.  This workshop is from 7:30pm - 9:30pm. Please arrive 5 minutes early to check-in. All materials are provided.

Tickets are going quickly - please don't miss out, reserve your spot! 
Fiona Bennett is a Certified Inner Work Out Coach. She graduated as a nurse in 1989, started a family in 1990 and now has 2 grown children and a teenage stepson. She spent 12 years providing technical support and training to a large corporation. In 2009 Fiona was certified as an Inner Work Out Life Coach. Already on a journey of discovery and healing she finally found a key to unlock heart and soul:  GO IN! This revelation changed her life and she looks forward to standing along side you while you discover the path that changes yours. 

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